Why Amazon’s Fire Phone doesn’t really impress me (yet)


After years of whispers, rumors, and speculation, Amazon(s AMZN) has entered the smartphone market. The giant e-tailer turned hardware maker launched the Amazon Fire Phone on Wednesday, with CEO Jeff Bezos showing off some of the handset’s innovations. AT&T(s t) is the exclusive launch partner, offering the phone for pre-order now with July 25 shipping starting at $199 on-contract or as low as $27.09 a month with zero up front.

Amazon Fire Phone Maps-Yelp

Amazon seemed to want to show off its hardware chops

I followed our live blog of the event, deftly handled by Laura Hazard Owen and Kevin Fitchard, so I haven’t yet seen what they saw at the event. Once a review unit arrives, perhaps I’ll change my mind — and I reserve the right to do so! — but at the moment, I’m not overly impressed by the Fire Phone. It seems like after waiting so long to jump…

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